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Here at the ASPCA, our email system is large with multiple email servers. I T Systems Group took the time to dig deeply and understand my unique infrastructure. They were able to integrate their Postini-based NetCare anti-Spam and anti-Virus solution into our system and made it run great. I am glad I don't have to worry about this project any longer!

— John Giantelli, VP of Technology

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

About Us

I T Systems Group is a leading, full-service managed services provider that designs, installs, supports and maintains computer systems for a wide variety of corporate, New York State and local government clients. From its inception in 1987, I T Systems Group has been providing best-of-breed solutions and information technology services to its clients.

Technology changes rapidly and it is important to regularly evaluate what is available and what is relevant to your business.

The CIO Role

The CIO, or Chief Information Officer, is the individual who is ultimately responsible for the effectiveness of information technology in an organization. This person most often reports to the CEO or company owner.

I T Systems Group plays this role for those companies that do not have a CIO. By deeply understand today's technologies and listening to the requirements and plans for your business, I T Systems Group works very effectively as the trusted advisor - fully and completely responsible for all recommendations made and implementations performed.

For companies who do have a CIO or Director of Information Technology, I T Systems Group is an invaluable resource, well versed in a wide variety of technologies. Projects are delegated to us and implemented within budget and according to schedule.

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