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As a business owner, I appreciate working with a technology partner who understands what needs to get done and can carry the ball all the way. We recently completed a virtualization project that has consolidated and simplified my I T infrastructure. I T Systems Group worked through every detail until each application and service was working. The impact to my users was minimal.

— Stephen Bender, President

Bana Electric Corp.

Professional Services

Virtualization, Consolidation and Automation are the three key components to lower the costs associated with operating an information system.

Virtualization and Consolidation save money by eliminating redundant hardware, simplifying infrastructure and making your workforce operate much more efficiently. Virtualization empowers your workforce to engage their office computing experience from anywhere - home, work on the road, on the train, in the air, at the hotel and on vacation. Well, hopefully not too often when on vacation.

Automation is the streamlining of business processes such that expensive, labor intensive redundancies are replaced by highly available and secure business system processes.

Besides the common projects of today, I T Systems Group offers a complete range of network integration services, which are delivered by a fully trained and credentialed staff of Engineers. Our Professional Services team will help make sure your projects are completed on time and within budget.

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